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Our expertise covers all aspects of the publishing process:

Conceptual Development

Art Direction
Production Management

Publishing Services for:

Individual Authors
Nonprofit Foundations & Associations

Our Custom Publishing Team Helps You:

Stay on Message.
Publications reflect your message. No doubt you have something very important to communicate, and we’ll help you stay on message and target it to your readers.  We know that merely creating a beautiful book isn’t enough: it must communicate effectively.

Save Time.
We help every step of the way from idea to manuscript, from design to market. With your enthusiasm and ours, and our gentle but firm adherence to deadlines, your book will appear in months, not years. Large commercial publishers or advertising firms often take two years or more to produce a book while at Olympus Press we can often create one in four to eight months.

Save Money.
We offer our editorial services at competitive rates and are able to work with an array of budgets. We pride ourselves at getting the highest quality printing at modest prices. Book production wisdom has it that there are 200 steps required to bring a book into print. While we offer all services from concept editing to final press check, you pay only what you really need to get your project done.



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