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Books have a very high perceived value with the public, making them ideal premiums or incentive items for companies or causes. This value can be practical, emotional, economic or even spiritual, and is often far in excess of the retail price of the book.

Unlike other printed matter, books have a matchless staying power. A custom book acts as a permanent calling card for an author, speaker, sponsoring business or nonprofit organization.

The Olympus Press Difference

  • Quality From cover to cover, Olympus Press books are among the best in the business, with expert editorial guidance by our award-winning team headed by publisher John McKinney and editor Cheri Rae. 
  • Message The client’s message is communicated effectively with the help of our talented designers and by a range of special custom touches: a logo on the cover, a foreword from the President, a biography of the author, pages about the organization and much more.
  • Value From a strictly consumer point of view, each title represents a lot of book for the money. For the sponsor, Olympus Press editorial efficiency, flexibility and skill combine to deliver a great book at a competitive cost per unit.



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